Studio Space

Interior Design

The Interior Design studio allows students the opportunity to work on the two drafting tables provided with an area to lock up projects and supplies in their own cabinets. Located across near the upstairs computer lab, students have full access to the programs necessary to build other models digitally.  

The Studio Coordinator for the Interior Design Studios is Southeast Missouri State Professor of Interior Design Michelle Brune.

Catapult Art Studios

The Art Studios located within Catapult Creative House provide students with a unique creative arts incubator environment to work on individual projects and entrepreneurial endeavors. Through a competitive application process, students are selected based on quality of work and proposed contribution to Catapult Creative House. Art Studio Spaces are roughly 8’x8’ with stainless steel worktables, locker storage, with student access to computers fully equipped with the Adobe Suite. Studio participants are encouraged to actively promote their work and individual disciplines through the Catapult Retail Space and various Catapult events.

The Studio Coordinator for the Art Studios is Southeast Missouri State Associate Professor of Art Joni Hand.

Sewing Studio

The sewing studio at Catapult gives students and community members the opportunity to work on their projects in a very quaint environment. Featuring six sewing machines and an embroidery machine, this space is ideal for any individual seeking to work on their fashion products, costumes, or whatever fabric design they have in mind.

The Studio Coordinator for the Sewing Studios is Catapult Creative House Operations Manager Leah Powers and Southeast Missouri State Instructor of Fashion Merchandising Dr. Allie Grotts.

Sewing Studio

Spray Booth

The spray booth at Catapult allows any creative student the opportunity to keep their creativity inside safely. Equipped with rolling tables and ventilation system, this room allows for safe inside practice of spray paint art and other vaporous crafts.

Photography Studio

The photography studio provides students with the space and equipment necessary to practice photography. With access to Mac computers and various Adobe platforms, students have access to the necessary tools related to editing their pieces. A display wall allows for students to display finished pieces.

The Studio Coordinator for the Photography Studios is Southeast Missouri State Assistant Professor of Polytechnic Studies Bradley Phillips.