Fuel @ Catapult

Fuel @ Catapult boasts a wide variety of casual experiences, featuring Kaldi’s coffee freshly brewed, as well as savory menu options made by Southeast’s Hospitality Management students. With options ranging from espresso shots, to cappuccinos, to banana nut bread, to gooey butter cake, the options for a tasteful experience are limitless. This combination makes for the perfect lounge area to discuss business, read the newspaper, or simply marvel at the features at Catapult Creative House.

Our Menu

Menu 8 oz 12 oz 16 oz
Café Kaldi 2.25 2.50 2.75
Cold Brew Coffee 3.50
Cappuccino 3.00 3.89 4.00
Latte 2.75 3.00 3.59
Café Americano 2.50 2.90 3.00
Café Mocha 3.25 3.50 4.00
Caramel Macchiato 3.50 4.00 4.50
Flavoring,whipped cream 0.50 per shot
Espresso 0.75 per shot
Tazo Tea 3.80  2.25 2.50
Tea Latte 2.25 3.00 3.50
Chai Tea Latte 3.00 3.50 4.00
Menu 16 oz
Lemonade 2.50
Italian Soda 4.00
Iced Tea 3.00
Smoothie 5.50
Food Price
Paninis (served with chips) 4.00
My Daddy’s Cheesecake Muffins 1.75
Cinnamon Rolls 2.50

Student involvement

Fuel provides Hospitality Management students the opportunity to learn how to operate a beverage and snack bar. They create drink and snack recipes, bake snack goods, cost out their creations, and interact with customers in person and social media. The baked goods Fuel has to offer are baked by Hospitality Management students in Dearmont Kitchens at the Southeast Missouri State University. Fuel has opened a unique opportunity for student catering. Since opening their catering option in fall 2015, Fuel has catered snacks and full dinners for numerous community and university events.

The Hospitality Management Coordinator at Fuel is Southeast Missouri State Assistant Professor Dr. Quantella Noto. She is assisted by Lisa Essmyer, Culinary Chef & Hospitality Management Instructor, and students from Hospitality Management and the Department of Marketing at Southeast Missouri State University.

Kaldi's Coffee

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In 1994, Kaldi’s Coffee first opened its doors in St. Louis’ DeMun neighborhood. Since then, we’ve been dedicated to creating memorable coffee experiences wherever our coffee is served. Kaldi’s Coffee specializes in sustainably sourcing and roasting the finest coffees in the world. We bring the best products to those new to coffee and enthusiasts alike, and guide you to brew coffee to its ultimate potential. Whether traveling to far-away coffee farms, winning barista competitions, hand-roasting and hand-brewing coffee, or supporting the communities we’re a part of – we are committed to serving you.

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