Catapult Press

Central to the mission of Catapult Creative House is helping young artists learn how to be entrepreneurs. Catapult Press is integrally involved in this aspect of the mission by providing space, equipment, and opportunities to learn the art of letterpress printing, which is valuable both in fine arts practice and in the reproduction of images for other purposes wherein the maker seeks to highlight fine craftsmanship and originality in quantity production. Opportunities are available for Southeast students and faculty as well as community members to utilize Catapult Press through participation in workshops and studio memberships.

Catapult is in partnership with rustmedia, Iron Beast Press, and Southeast Missouri State University to provide access to a beautiful range of equipment and type including: a Chandler & Price Oldstyle Automated Letterpress, a Vandercook SP20 Cylinder Proofing Press, a Chandler and Price paper cutter, a Hidelberg Windmill Blackball, and more! 

One of the ways in which Catapult facilitates education is through fostering interactions between entrepreneurs at various points in their careers who are utilizing the arts in innovative ways. The Catapult Visiting Artist Program seeks to bring professionals, students, educators, and community members together in shared learning experiences with artists from near and far. In our first year of operation, the Visiting Artist Program brought in seven visiting artists ranging from graphic design/letterpress entrepreneurs managing their own businesses and producing posters, labeling, cards, books and more to art educators and fine artists using letterpress in untraditional ways including for large format sculpture, paper making, and installation art.

The Letterpress Coordinator at Catapult Press is Southeast Missouri State Assistant Professor Hannah Sanders. She is assisted by three work-study students from the Department of Art at Southeast Missouri State University, currently Jessica Lambert, BFA student with a specialization in Sculpture and Printshop Manager at Catapult Press; Candace Taylor, BFA student with a specialization in Print making.

Operation Hours

For more information on Catapult Press, membership, workshops, and printing projects please contact our Catapult Press Coordinator Hannah Sanders.